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7th Gorse Planting & Shrub Removal

Gorse has been planted on the left hand side of the 7th fairway. Once mature this will provide a strategic divide  between holes 6 & 7. This spring, work will be carried out on the deep rough to the left of the 7th hole to  try and establish a stronger rough. At the moment this area has become weak with a poor sward. For the golfer this will increase the need to place a well hit drive onto the fairway and for the wayward shot to become...

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Fairway Slitting

Fairway slitting has been taking place this week, as we are in early spring and the weather has become much milder. Slitting is a form of aeration, which leaves a shallow 5″ cut in the turf sward. With the large amount of rounds of golf played each year, constant attention to alleviating compaction is important. Without this work turf will suffer, drainage will be restricted, thatch build up increases and poor root development occurs. This...

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Path Ends 3rd & 14th

Path ends endure a huge amount of wear and tear during the year becoming unsightly and lowering the presentation of the course. This shows compaction at its worst, where the grass plant can’t survive. To prevent an area of high foot fall from becoming this compacted, regular aeration must take place. Also the flow of traffic over the area should be managed through roping off sections in order to rest them. In the case of a lot of path...

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Deep Aeration (High Disturbance 14 Days)

Why Aerate? Initially the answer is to improve drainage,  which is the basics to maintaining the environment for healthy grass. Soil is the body in which grass grows, although the grass root actually grows in the spaces between the soil particles. These spaces contain air as well as allowing the movement of water between the particles. The balance between air & water should be equal to allow for  good root development. This balance is...

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