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Control Of Weeds

This week we have been spraying weeds on Tee’s and Fairways, as the warmer weather has kicked off the growing season. The presence of weeds often produces an untidy appearance whilst making the surface uneven, resulting in the interference of the ball roll. The term “weed” means different things to different people.  In the broadest sense, it is any plant growing where it is not wanted. Weeds can be native or non-native,...

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Plant Nutrition

In the past couple of weeks the increase in air temperature has meant that soil temperature has started to rise. This has provided a good opportunity to apply a spring granular fertilizer. We remove a lot of the plants nutrients every time we cut, as well as nutrients leeching from the sandy soil every time it rains, therefore we need to give the turf a helping hand a few times a year, this being the first application of the cutting season. We...

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Toro Sidewinder Semi-Rough Cutter

The new semi rough cutter has now arrived. The feed back from our team is that they are very impressed with the quality of this machine, how it handles on difficult banks and around bunkers, giving a superior level of cut compared with the old machine. We feel this machine has proven itself to be a good investment for now and the future, with lower running costs as well as being up to date with Health & Safety...

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8th Backdrop Re-Shaping

During the last couple of weeks we have been building mounding to the back of the 8th green. The object of doing this was to improve the backdrop visually. The toilet, fence and path are unsightly. When constructing the mounding it was important that it blended into existing dunes, which was challenging given the  limited area we had to play with. Finally dune vegetation in keeping with the area was planted to provide extra hight. When...

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Parsley Piert

  As you have probably  seen on the greens this winter, Parsley Piert has been particularly  active. This winter annual broadleaf weed is small in size, and is a problem mainly in turf where it survives low mowing heights. One of its main characteristics is that it is tolerant to a wide range of herbicides used selectively in turf. It produces seed in the late spring & dies as the temperature increases into early summer. Seed can...

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