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Greens Speed

Ideally a ‘good’ green is one that has a balance between firmness, smoothness and trueness. We as Greenkeepers focus on achieving all these factors rather than simply looking at the speed of the green. The ball should impact the surface, bounce forward, hold and then release. Once the green has released the ball, it should roll out under it’s own weight without too much ‘ chatter’. The turf should recover quickly...

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Pencil Tine, Low/Medium disturbance 27th / 30th

The Greens will be pencil tined on Friday 27th and Monday 30th April. We know this is not ideal timing, however the machine broke down and we were unable to get hold of the parts needed until Easter. We were therefore not able to carry out this work before the spring meetings got under way. The greens are now starting to show signs of stress, so it is vital that this work is carried out imminently to make sure we continue to maintain a good...

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Tee Renovation

 Over the last few weeks we have tackled a number of weaker tees and carried out some renovation work. Tees 6,7,8, and 11 have been completed so far. To carry out this work we used the Graden machine to scarify the tees. This involves removing thatch from the sward, which is done through the rotating blade. As it cuts through the turf it pulls out dead grass within its path leaving behind a cut, approx 2 mm wide by 30 mm deep. The seed is then...

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