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Greens Update

In the last couple of months we have seen some very cold and wet weather with strong north easterly winds. Ideally we would expect warmer weather which promotes grass growth at this time of the year. Greens have been the most affected by the temperature, in particular those that are more exposed and closest to the sea. The greens are a mixture of different grasses; fescue, bent and poa. The fescue and bent grasses have coped well, leaving large...

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Green Lizards

Today,  fixing a small irrigation problem, I lifted the top of an irrigation box to find three Green Lizards (Lacerta bilineata). Jersey is the only place in the British Isles with a native population of green lizards but they are increasingly under threat. So this was a nice surprise to see so many in one spot.

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Replacement control cable 8th Tees

This week we needed to carry out some urgent works to the irrigation system. The control cable for the 8th Tees had broken somewhere under the 7th fairway, leaving the 8th Tees without water. So it was important to carry out the work straight away. These works have left some damage to the 7th approach. This will take a couple of weeks to recover. Here are some photos of the work being carried out . Firstly we dug a hole next to an existing...

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Rare orchid

It is exciting to see unusual flora present on the sand dunes. A rare Orchid, native to Jersey which has not been seen in bloom for the last few years, has blossomed again this year on the course, and is now coming to the end of its bloom.  

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1st Tee, Bench

Over the last week, the team have completely striped the bench at the 1st tee and re varnished it ready for the season. The bench is in memory of Paddy Williams, Iain Moodie’s mother. She was a long standing member of the club and played for the ladies team for a number of years. There are a number of pictures of her in the club house with other players such as Judith Pountney and Nan Bailhache.   The Benches will get an overhaul...

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