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Irrigation Repairs 14th & 9th Fairways

The Club’s irrigation system is a mixture of old and new with many of the main parts coming up to thirty  years old. Since october last year we have spent a total of 39 days repairing the system. The irrigation system is under constant pressure. As the irrigation runs its program, valves turn on and off which causes the water to move back and forth causing water hammer. This over long periods weakens the system. Most of the leaks we find...

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Top Dressing

    This week the team will be getting the course ready for the Men’s Invitation day As part of the preparation we will be  top dressing greens. Top dressing is an important factor to achieve a true surface. So why do we apply top dressing to the greens? On a daily basis the  surface of the greens are blemished by ball strikes, footprints, spikes, and mower equipment. This all affects the trueness of the surface before we have...

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Orchids Jersey

Pyramidal Orchid It is great to see that Pyramidal Orchids have increased in numbers this year and seem to be thriving on the costal strip along the course Pyramidal Orchids are a protected species, typically found on costal dunes and dry grasslands

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Slow Worm

A slow worm, so often mistaken for a grass snake, is a legless lizard. They like to burrow and spend much of the time hiding underneath objects. Adult slow worms grow to be about 50 cm long and are known for their exceptionally long life – it has been said that a slow worm is the longest living lizard, living about 30 years in the wild and up to 50 years in captivity. The skin of the slow worm is smooth with scales that do not overlap...

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Pencil tine medium disturbances

A gap in the Club’s busy timetable has given us the chance to carry out some important maintenance to the greens in preparation for up and coming competitions. At the end of last week we carried out a verti-cut. The aim of this being to lift and cut off a lot of the lateral growth produced by the bent grass which is growing much quicker than the other species of grass on our greens. We also managed to pencil tine all the greens which...

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