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Fairy Ring Control Update

On the 17th of September, the course had a visit from Jennifer Keighley of STRI who is working on a 3 year study of the various types of fairy ring, of which there are 600, and the cultural and ecological ways to deal and manage this fungus. This will be accomplished by sending out surveys and visiting golf clubs up and down the country to build a map of affected areas and showing which fairy ring is active in that area. Finding one cure would...

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Fairy Ring Control and Management

This seasons weather patterns of warm wet/dry has created the perfect environment for fairy rings to flourish. The abundant moisture has been readily absorbed by the organic matter within the top layers of the soil profile allowing the fungus to take hold. Fairy Rings belong to the basidiomycete fungi family which produces the majority of familiar mushrooms and toadstools. It is easily recognizable by its distinct pattern on the surface of the...

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