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Wood Edging 1st Tee

As you can see from the picture the wood edging in front of the first tee has become rotten and looks untidy. This has been replaced with new wood and angled at 40 degrees to try and prevent a ball returning from a miss hit shot.

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TPL Visit, Marking out of 18th & 10th Holes

Bunkers have now been marked out in blue paint (the white paint lines are the working areas and should not be confused with the actual sizes of the bunker). Please also be aware when marking out is carried out that the proposal drawings are not exactly to scale and this is why its important for  TPL to actually visit the site for marking. When marking out the  architect needs to allow for distances, ground contours and the strategy in which...

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Meeting With Department Of Environment, Discuss Cirl Bunting at RJGC

  On 11th October all parties involved in trying to help secure the cirl bunting’s tenuous grip in Jersey and encourage it to spread met at Howard Davis Farm to discuss a strategy for the coming winter and next breeding season. Representatives of the Société Jersiaise Ornithology Section, National Trust for Jersey, Durrell, Grouville Tenants, Royal Jersey Golf Club in Grouville and Department of the Environment were present. Cirl...

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Autumn Maintenance

This week we have started our autumn maintenance beginning with the 10th approach where the turf has become patchy and weak. To improve the area we have aerated it twice in the last month and are now taking advantage of the warmer, wet weather which is creating perfect conditions for over seeding. In the short term after the work has been carried out the area will look a bit untidy but once the seed starts to germinate the overseeing lines will...

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