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Week 11 Winter Program

We saw the start of this week with plenty of snow still preventing the course from opening. The snow cover brings with it a massive increase in risk of disease to the greens surfaces, as it traps heat creating a warm blanket on the green’s surface which is the perfect warm, moist conditions for disease to spread. The weekend cover spent much of their time removing as much as they could from the greens to preventing the spread of disease...

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Week 10 Winter Program

; Despite snow this friday we have had a productive week making a good start on the 15th hole. 1000 sqm of turf arrived on wednesday which saw the completion of the 18th, 10th hole and 15th tee. Also on the 15th hole the new pathway was completed. This has been re-routed taking the path out of the eye line down the hole . The path was constructed using a wood edge then a minimum of 6 ins of hogin was laid to create a foundation. The base was...

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Gorse Management 16th, 15th, 11th, & 13th

The Gorse area to the right of 16th was in an old and degenerate stage. Old gorse such as this is relatively poor for wildlife. The accumulation of plant debris increases soil fertility. This then aids bramble & bracken invasion which was present in this area. Very old and leggy gorse rarely regenerates when cut. Therefore to restore these areas it is important to clear them and remove debris & organic litter. A large bank of seed is...

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Week 9 Winter program

The mild wet weather is starting to produce quite a bit of growth which is very unusual for this time of year. The positive and negative to this extra growth. The positive side we are seeing is that the playing surfaces are in great shape for this time of year. Negatively, it puts extra pressure on the team to make sure everything is cut, on top of carrying out the winter program. The other major factor is the demands we are putting on our...

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