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Autumn Course Maintenance

After a busy golfing year the Autumn maintenance will start next month with this work being essential to the condition of the course and to also ensure the course is in the best possible condition for the following year.  August/September is a good time to carry out renovation work as we generally still have good ground and air temperatures which are perfect for seed germination. There will be some disturbance to play during the day,...

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Over Seeding & Hollow Tining (High Disturbance)

This fortnight we will be over seeding the greens and carrying out maintenance on most of the tees and greens surrounds. The most important surfaces take priority. This week we have over seeded 16 greens with just 17th, 18th, and the two putting greens left. In the coming week we will move on to approaches and tees. You may have notice that the approaches are looking a little yellow, this is the effect of the Rescue. Rescue is a product which...

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