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Winter program and irrigation update 3

Winter has started to arrive with a couple of frosty mornings this week which saw the 8th closed for two days with a heavy ground frost. Fortunately we where able to get the rest of the course open fairly quickly both mornings. Irrigation: MJ Abbott arrived back on Monday after a 3 day break. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night saw the arrival of the main line pipe, the pipe is so long it had to be delivered at night. These 20 meter lengths are...

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Winter Program & Irrigation Update 2

The irrigation update has got under way with the marking out of the fairways by Irritech who are the club’s irrigation consultant. This is still done by hand believe it or not as GPS is not always as precise as a measuring tape. Once the fairway is marked out the positions of the heads are GPS recorded. ( Marking out can be seen in orange spots on the fairways). This GPS data can then be overlayed onto an aerial map of the course which can...

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