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Fairway Maintenance

Over the autumn period we will be carrying out maintenance to some of our fairways. The main reason for this is to lower the amount of thatch in the fairways. Work begins on the 9th fairway, weather permitting this week.  We are focusing our resources on the worst fairways first such as the 9th and 1st where the thatch levels are up to 2 inch thick creating a fibrous mat over the surface. Thatch has built up to this excessive level because...

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Over the past  couple of weeks I’ve been asked by some members how much water are we using in this hot period and the answer is, a massive amount. Its been a real test for the new system and it’s coping really well, pumping 17,279 Cu.M. water since the 1st June to 1st August which is a staggering seventeen million, two hundred, seventy-nine thousand, litres of water in 2 months. The old system would struggle to pump 12,000 Cu.M. of...

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