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Winter Program

The winter program is progressing well although we had quite a few delays on turf ¬†arriving from the UK owing to either bad weather or sailings from the uk being cancelled (imagine that!). The team has worked hard to keep projects on schedule and this year’s winter program is almost complete with just a small amount outstanding. Completed projects: : 9th Tee and 9th fairway mounding : 10th Tee : 11th Greenside R/H Bunker : 17th Greenside...

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Bunkering Article

A Complete Look at Bunkering By Ian Andrew December, 2015 The Origins of Bunkers A lot of the revered bunkers at the great links came to be by circumstance. Often they were small hollows created by sheep or blow-outs created by wind. Some were depressions that were almost natural bunkers right from the start while others were scars that are still there but just kept a lot more formally than they once were. Many of the greatest bunkers were...

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