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Autumn Maintenance

Posted by on September 22, 2014 in Bunkers, Fairways, Machinery


Machinery maintenance

After a busy summer we are about start our autumn maintenance which begins this week with aeration work around the greens.

Walk off areas: these become particularly compacted throughout the season, so this work will help relieve this compaction and improve the condition of the turf around the greens surfaces. To help the recovery of these worn areas a soil conditioner will be applied helping the grass plant to develop a strong root system and recover more quickly from the stress of the hot summer. We will then go  into the winter in the best possible condition.

Fairways: We have now started spraying fairways for weeds and hope to have this completed within a couple of weeks weather permitting. This work will ensure we go into the winter with weed free fairways.

We are hoping to hollow core a couple more fairways before the end of the season such as the 1st and 7th . The 9th fairway was completed in August and we removed a great deal of organic matter which has greatly improved it’s condition.

Carries: Aeration and over-seeding will take place on the weaker more worn carries such as 10th 13th and 14th.

Bunkers:  New bunker sand has now arrived for the green side bunkers, a great deal of research and time has gone into finding a good match which fits our natural sand on site and has has good playing characteristics.  Throughout the winter work on the bunkers will be carried out, topping the bunkers up, shaping and compacting the new sand in readiness for next season.

Workshop: Our in house mechanic is busy sharpening up the greens mowers making sure that the blades are as sharp as possible. This is really important throughout the year but especially at this time of the year when the risk of disease on the greens is at its highest. A blunt blade will rip the grass leaf leaving the leaf damaged, this allows pathogens (disease) to enter the plant and also creates stress to the plant making it easier for disease to take hold.

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