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Posted by on July 4, 2016 in Greens

(Allan Black, over-seeding) (Drew Van der Neit,  Aeration)

Taking advantage of the wet and warm weather over-seeding and aeration work has taken place around greens and approaches. Areas along the 1st fairway and 1st green which were damaged during the winter by salt water have also been seeded. An application of fertiliser and seaweed meal will be applied to these areas to help germination and recovery.

The weather still remains unsettled,  heavy down pours for the last couple of weeks and warm night temperatures have created a damp environment. Poor light conditions during the day have contributed to disease outbreaks which  we would normally associate with autumn conditions. Applications of iron and fungicide have been made to the greens to harden off the plant and help with it’s protection.  Drier weather  is forecast for the coming week which will hopefully reduce disease pressure.

Greens: Botanically the greens sward is the best I’ve ever seen it. Ryegrass has been removed along with Yorkshire fog, ( 2 undesireable broadleaved varieties of grass) Bentgrass has decreased massively and we are seeing fescue throughout the sward even in patches of poa annua. The investment in the new over-seeding equipment is starting to pay off, at the end of July we start our over-seeding fortnight. With the new overseeding equipment the greens will be finished within 2 days, whereas it wold have taken 2 full weeks, allowing us to work on the greens surrounds, tees and other high wear areas as well during the fortnight.




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