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Winter Maintenance

  We are progressing well with our winter program with a great deal of work already been completed such as the path along the first fairway seawall, pathway from the bottom putting green, pathway from 16th to 17th Tees, new bunkers at the 9th Green and approach. Tree and gorse management has also taken place on 10th, 11th, 8th, 9th, 14th and 16th holes. Current Winter Works: Presently we are working on the mens 13th tee re-leveling and...

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Autumn Maintenance

After a busy summer we are about start our autumn maintenance which begins this week with aeration work around the greens. Walk off areas: these become particularly compacted throughout the season, so this work will help relieve this compaction and improve the condition of the turf around the greens surfaces. To help the recovery of these worn areas a soil conditioner will be applied helping the grass plant to develop a strong root system and...

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Spring Maintenance / Irrigation Update

Spring Over Seeding Over seeding: Commences this week. This maintenance will encourage the finer grasses to flourish and become dominate.The surfaces will take a couple of weeks to get back to normal however the warmer weather will help their recovery. The benefit of this work will be better playing surfaces for the rest of the season.  Spring fertiliser will also be applied this week, so as temperatures increase, the seed and turf will have...

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Winter Program & Irrigation Update 6

Over the past couple of weeks the weather has deteriorated, the combination of strong winds high tides and heavy rainfall has left its mark on the course. We suffered some major damage to the first fairway sleeper wall and a large sink hole appeared next to the German bunker. This hole developed over a period of a week and around 500 hundred tons of sand was lost under the sea wall. This also undermined the German bunker which created a large...

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Winter Program & Irrigation Update 5

The weather has been extremely wet over the past couple of  weeks and we have started to see the water table appearing in the bunkers on the 10th fairway. These bunkers have been marked as ‘ground under repair’ until further notice. The 16th was closed for a couple of days as a result of flooding, we have been able to pump most of  this water away and reopen the hole. Lets hope we get a break from this wet weather soon. Irrigation...

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Winter Program & Irrigation Update 2

The irrigation update has got under way with the marking out of the fairways by Irritech who are the club’s irrigation consultant. This is still done by hand believe it or not as GPS is not always as precise as a measuring tape. Once the fairway is marked out the positions of the heads are GPS recorded. ( Marking out can be seen in orange spots on the fairways). This GPS data can then be overlayed onto an aerial map of the course which can...

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