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Winter Program

This week we see the start of the winter program. Works have begun on the 9th men’s tee. The main purpose of this is to realign the position of the Tee pulling it away from the 6th tee and 5th green. The works include the removal of the existing tee area, the area is then to be landscaped and  returned to a natural dune habitat. Planting of marram grass, gorse and the construction of a hibernacula for lizards and slow worms will see this...

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Winter Maintenance

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen some changeable temperatures in the weather. Feeling like spring has finally arrived to the very next day putting back on winter clothing! This has created very little  growth on the playing surfaces. Greens: Last week spring over seeding took place and the team worked hard and completed all greens within 3 days. As temperatures rise the seed will start to germinate and the surfaces will start to fill...

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2015 Golf Environmental Awards

The Royal Jersey Golf Club has been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Golf Environmental Awards. The Club has been shortlisted in the Outstanding Environmental Project Award along with three other clubs – Hockley Golf Club, St Andrews Links (Castle course) and Prestbury Golf Club. The project that has allowed the Club to be recognised in the awards is two-fold. The first is the successful gorse and grassland management that has been...

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This morning, this juvenile was spotted leaving the hibernacula at the 4th Tee. The Green Lizard breeding season takes place in April and May and at this time fierce fighting among males is not uncommon as they establish territories. Between five and twenty eggs are produced in June or July.The clutch is then hidden beneath vegetation or soil and warmed by the sun. The young emerge in September. Good to see they are using the high vis...

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  This month we had our annual visit from the clubs ecologist Bob Taylor from STRI. He advises on grassland ecology as to how we can improve our golf course to also benefit wildlife and to make sure that the maintenance practices we carry not only conform to the States of Jersey standard but also improve the Ecology of the course. In recent years our course has had much attention with the return of the Cirl Buntings, our gorse management,...

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Winter Program & Irrigation Update 4

Happy New Year from the Greenkeeping team. The year begins with the Irrigation Team back on site and with the Irrigation shed Construction team also on site it’s a very busy start to the new year. I’m pleased to report a male and female Cirl Bunting were spotted on Saturday morning below the 8th Tee looking fit and healthy which is a good sign that they might nest in the spring. Irrigation: MJ Abbott have completed main line and...

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