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Irrigation: After a prolonged wet, mild weather at the start of the year it’s great to see the course looking like a true links golf now that we have had some dryer conditions.  With harder greens, they now encourage the golfer to play the “running game” which is the design of the true Links course. Having no fronting hazards the greens allow golfers to bounce the ball into them rather than hitting high approach shots with...

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  This month we had our annual visit from the clubs ecologist Bob Taylor from STRI. He advises on grassland ecology as to how we can improve our golf course to also benefit wildlife and to make sure that the maintenance practices we carry not only conform to the States of Jersey standard but also improve the Ecology of the course. In recent years our course has had much attention with the return of the Cirl Buntings, our gorse management,...

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Spring Maintenance

As part of our spring maintenance, fairways and tee surfaces have been sprayed for weeds and leather jackets. We had a perfect weather window and managed to complete the spraying within the week.May the weather continue! Rough: After a wet and mild winter the rough has started to become very thick and patchy in places. We are carefully managing these thicker areas to keep the rough playing as consistent as possible throughout the whole course....

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Spring Maintenance / Irrigation Update

                          Greens:  Ground temperatures need to be between 10-12 Celsius for germination. The screenshot to the left shows the two soil sensors under the 18th green, the yellow line being 3 inc under the surface and the second sensor the blue line at 8 inc. This shows that the soil temp we have during  the day is optimum temperature for the start of consistent...

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Update & Mine Visit

I have had some time off over the last 2 weeks and am happy to say that Julie and I have had a baby Girl called Sanna. Both baby and mum are doing really well. Sanna was born on 24th October so we’ve had time to find our feet and have some great family time together. I have also been to the UK last week on a Fertiliser course in Yorkshire where we were lucky enough to be taken to the largest working Potash mine in europe which is based in...

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Autumn Maintenance

This week we have been scarifying the new turf at the 15th, this is to remove unwanted thatch in the turf. This work will also help blend the turf into the surrounding areas and improve the quality of the turf. Rough: Around the course we are starting to see the effects of the chemical Rescue, which was sprayed a couple of weeks ago.This was sprayed in the first 5m of rough in an effort to improve the pliability of rough next season.  Rescue...

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