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Greens Aeration

As you have probably noticed it’s been extremely wet over the past 2 weeks, to be exact 79.3 mm according to the on site weather station. The average for September is 69 mm. This has had the effect of the greens holding water within the rootzone profile. So to alleviate this problem we aerated the greens using a 16inc tine, which has punched through the layering, releasing trapped water deeper into the soil profile.  We aim to have a soil...

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Course Maintenance

Taking advantage of the wet and warm weather over-seeding and aeration work has taken place around greens and approaches. Areas along the 1st fairway and 1st green which were damaged during the winter by salt water have also been seeded. An application of fertiliser and seaweed meal will be applied to these areas to help germination and recovery. The weather still remains unsettled,  heavy down pours for the last couple of weeks and warm night...

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Greens, Rye Grass Control (Medium Disturbance)

After an extremely cold April with very little growth and ground temperatures  struggling to reach 10c, May brought a turn around in the weather and ground temperatures finally increased becoming ideal for growth.   Rye grass content within the sward had increased over the winter and was starting to cause disturbance to the ball roll. Two weeks ago we used a product called Rescue which is a selective grass weed herbicide for the removal of...

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Spring Renovation

This time of year turf always looks at its worst, yellow and patchy.  Turf is trying to grow but hasn’t got enough temperature or daylight to begin growing consistently.  Although soil temperatures are on the increase, today the soil temp of the greens hit 10 degrees during the day for the first time. At night though temperatures are dropping and are going as low as 6. We really need to see double figures for strong growth. Spring...

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Winter program / Spring maintenance

After a truly wet but mild winter we are starting to dry out at last. Record rainfall over the past couple of months lead to water standing on areas of the course resulting in the course closure on many occasions.  Mild weather also brought its own challenges with almost the same amount of growth as in the summer. The team was kept busy keeping the surfaces cut while working on the winter program. The rough around the course has already...

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Winter Program

The winter program is progressing well although we had quite a few delays on turf  arriving from the UK owing to either bad weather or sailings from the uk being cancelled (imagine that!). The team has worked hard to keep projects on schedule and this year’s winter program is almost complete with just a small amount outstanding. Completed projects: : 9th Tee and 9th fairway mounding : 10th Tee : 11th Greenside R/H Bunker : 17th Greenside...

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