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Greens: Over the past month there has been a high risk of disease on the greens surfaces brought about by the amount of rainfall and mild conditions. Unfortunately  Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale) took hold at a time when we could not spray due to high winds and a club fixture leaving the disease unmanaged  for 2 days. This has mainly  affected Poa Annua which is the species we are continuously  trying to remove from the greens and...

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Winter program update

Winter Program: We’ve been making good progress with the winter program. Our main focus this month has been the 9th tee. The new tee will provide good variation in course setup allowing for low handicap events and bad weather conditions so that teeing position can be moved forward. It also moves the tee away from the 6th Tee and 5th green. To reduce settlement the tee was constructed in layers until the soil reached the desired level....

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Maintenance Fortnight (high disturbance)

  Greens aeration: On the lead up to over seeding fortnight we had a lot of interest from members as the team demoed an aeration machine which injects high pressured air into the root zone.  The air jet fracks the soil structure pushing air across a large area 12inc beneath the surface creating very little disturbance to the surface but with a massive amount of decompaction. I was very impressed with this machine and will be following the...

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Over the last month we have been getting the course ready for the Island Games and the club competitions.First and foremost we have been focusing on the greens surfaces and tees as well as the approaches. With the main focus being on the greens running true and smooth. This week we are concentrating on the Roscott 72 hole Championship which leads us into the island games. In preparation for these 2 events we have top dressed all greens and hand...

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Greens Surfaces

I spotted this picture on a industry media page which I thought was really interesting. The picture shows the footprints of one foursome playing the hole like normal. For me it really showed the demands we place on our greens and how important it is to keep good maintenance practice in place to keep the surfaces in optimum condition. We have come into the spring in good shape, but its been a hard spring with fluctuating temperatures creating...

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Aeration and Topdressing low disturbance

This week we will be carrying out aeration work to the greens surfaces.  To correct any disturbance this may cause and help the surfaces recover we will be applying a topdressing. Below are some of the points to the reasons and benefits of why we carry out this work. We hope to complete this work in two days and will try to keep disturbance to a...

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