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Maintenance Fortnight (high disturbance)

  Greens aeration: On the lead up to over seeding fortnight we had a lot of interest from members as the team demoed an aeration machine which injects high pressured air into the root zone.  The air jet fracks the soil structure pushing air across a large area 12inc beneath the surface creating very little disturbance to the surface but with a massive amount of decompaction. I was very impressed with this machine and will be following the...

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Winter Maintenance

  We are progressing well with our winter program with a great deal of work already been completed such as the path along the first fairway seawall, pathway from the bottom putting green, pathway from 16th to 17th Tees, new bunkers at the 9th Green and approach. Tree and gorse management has also taken place on 10th, 11th, 8th, 9th, 14th and 16th holes. Current Winter Works: Presently we are working on the mens 13th tee re-leveling and...

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Autumn Maintenance

After a busy summer we are about start our autumn maintenance which begins this week with aeration work around the greens. Walk off areas: these become particularly compacted throughout the season, so this work will help relieve this compaction and improve the condition of the turf around the greens surfaces. To help the recovery of these worn areas a soil conditioner will be applied helping the grass plant to develop a strong root system and...

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Spring Maintenance

At last we have seen some warmer weather over the last couple of weeks allowing important spring maintenance work to be carried out. The Greens have started to improve with the surfaces starting to grow back in after the over seeding and signs of germination can be seen. A light top dressing was applied to remove some of the unevenness left over from the over seeding and the surfaces are now becoming true again. The height of cut will now start...

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Irrigation & Spring Maintenance

This week we finally got some dry spring like weather conditions and with most wet areas starting to dry up and with dry weather forecast for the coming week we should see the end of the buggy ban. Pumping water from these wet areas has prevented large areas being submerged, preventing turf dying off. Lets hope that is the last time we have to use them this season and next!. I think the team are looking forward to the summer! This week also saw...

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Week 11 Winter Program

We saw the start of this week with plenty of snow still preventing the course from opening. The snow cover brings with it a massive increase in risk of disease to the greens surfaces, as it traps heat creating a warm blanket on the green’s surface which is the perfect warm, moist conditions for disease to spread. The weekend cover spent much of their time removing as much as they could from the greens to preventing the spread of disease...

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