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Winter program and irrigation update 3

Winter has started to arrive with a couple of frosty mornings this week which saw the 8th closed for two days with a heavy ground frost. Fortunately we where able to get the rest of the course open fairly quickly both mornings. Irrigation: MJ Abbott arrived back on Monday after a 3 day break. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night saw the arrival of the main line pipe, the pipe is so long it had to be delivered at night. These 20 meter lengths are...

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Spring Maintenance

Playing surfaces: the greens are still struggling to fill back in after the over seeding. The cold weather is slowing this progress. With night temperatures dropping down to freezing this is dramatically cooling the soil temperature, slowing plant growth. Fairways are in good condition but are covered in divots from a busy winter and there is no sign of the divots starting to germinate with this cold spell. There is a lot of daisy on the...

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Week 12 winter program

  Work began this week on the irrigation update, Roger Davey from Irritech began marking out the position of the new irrigation heads, this can be seen on the ground in blue paint. The position of the heads was marked out using measuring tape, to give a more accurate positioning of the irrigation heads. GPS was then used to mark the positions which will then be loaded into the irrigation computer building up a map of the new system. The...

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Week 10 Winter Program

; Despite snow this friday we have had a productive week making a good start on the 15th hole. 1000 sqm of turf arrived on wednesday which saw the completion of the 18th, 10th hole and 15th tee. Also on the 15th hole the new pathway was completed. This has been re-routed taking the path out of the eye line down the hole . The path was constructed using a wood edge then a minimum of 6 ins of hogin was laid to create a foundation. The base was...

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Week 9 Winter program

The mild wet weather is starting to produce quite a bit of growth which is very unusual for this time of year. The positive and negative to this extra growth. The positive side we are seeing is that the playing surfaces are in great shape for this time of year. Negatively, it puts extra pressure on the team to make sure everything is cut, on top of carrying out the winter program. The other major factor is the demands we are putting on our...

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Wood Edging 1st Tee

As you can see from the picture the wood edging in front of the first tee has become rotten and looks untidy. This has been replaced with new wood and angled at 40 degrees to try and prevent a ball returning from a miss hit shot.

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