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Winter Program Update

It’s been a busy few weeks on the course with the winter program in full swing,  October’s  projects are coming along nicely with good germination of the hydro-seeding on the practice area and the new mounding on the 10th. The construction of the 3 new bunkers on the 10th were also completed this week, i think the team have done an exceptional job in some pretty awful weather!. The new 3rd tees are also starting to take...

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Winter program / Spring maintenance

After a truly wet but mild winter we are starting to dry out at last. Record rainfall over the past couple of months lead to water standing on areas of the course resulting in the course closure on many occasions.  Mild weather also brought its own challenges with almost the same amount of growth as in the summer. The team was kept busy keeping the surfaces cut while working on the winter program. The rough around the course has already...

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Winter program update

Winter Program: We’ve been making good progress with the winter program. Our main focus this month has been the 9th tee. The new tee will provide good variation in course setup allowing for low handicap events and bad weather conditions so that teeing position can be moved forward. It also moves the tee away from the 6th Tee and 5th green. To reduce settlement the tee was constructed in layers until the soil reached the desired level....

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Winter Program

This week we see the start of the winter program. Works have begun on the 9th men’s tee. The main purpose of this is to realign the position of the Tee pulling it away from the 6th tee and 5th green. The works include the removal of the existing tee area, the area is then to be landscaped and  returned to a natural dune habitat. Planting of marram grass, gorse and the construction of a hibernacula for lizards and slow worms will see this...

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Maintenance Fortnight (high disturbance)

  Greens aeration: On the lead up to over seeding fortnight we had a lot of interest from members as the team demoed an aeration machine which injects high pressured air into the root zone.  The air jet fracks the soil structure pushing air across a large area 12inc beneath the surface creating very little disturbance to the surface but with a massive amount of decompaction. I was very impressed with this machine and will be following the...

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Winter Maintenance

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen some changeable temperatures in the weather. Feeling like spring has finally arrived to the very next day putting back on winter clothing! This has created very little  growth on the playing surfaces. Greens: Last week spring over seeding took place and the team worked hard and completed all greens within 3 days. As temperatures rise the seed will start to germinate and the surfaces will start to fill...

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