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Gorse Planting 12th

This week the right hand side of the 12th Green is being prepared for the planting of Gorse seedlings. This began with the removal of the litter layer which covered the area, and is removed to expose any seed bed left over from the old Gorse which once covered the...

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Winter program update

Yesterday saw the seeding of the new short game area and the new bunker complex on the 10th. We used a method called hydro seeding which encorprates a special wood mulch, seed, fertiliser and a bio glue to bind it all together. We hope to see germination in the next 7 days and the areas will be back in play for the start of next season. In the coming weeks the bunkers will be constructed to complete the works on these areas. Next week we will be...

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Winter Program & Greens Maintenance, Medium disturbance

The winter program started this week, this year’s program has some great projects which sets some challenges for the team. We will be constructing a short game area and new tees at the 3rd & 12th as well as a new pathway at the 2nd and reconstructing some bunkers on the 5th, 13th and 16th. I will try to keep you up to date as the winter program progresses. Practice area development: The objectives of this is to develop a short game...

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