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Posted by on April 30, 2014 in Ecology, Fairways

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Common Name Early-purple (Orchis mascula)


This month we had our annual visit from the clubs ecologist Bob Taylor from STRI. He advises on grassland ecology as to how we can improve our golf course to also benefit wildlife and to make sure that the maintenance practices we carry not only conform to the States of Jersey standard but also improve the Ecology of the course.

In recent years our course has had much attention with the return of the Cirl Buntings, our gorse management, tree removal, as well as green lizards and slow worms whilst not forgetting some very important  flora.  Sadly some of the local attention has not always been positive when it come to the management of gorse and  trees.

However in many areas we are now seeing the benefit of the removal of the evergreen oaks with this most evident around the 8th green with the return of the Cirl Buntings in this area. This winter, whilst reconstruction the 4th Tee, we also constructed a Hibernacula under the tee to encourage the protected species of green lizard and slow worm to return. Now that spring is with us we have started to see activity of lizards and slow worms in this area. With heavy footfall by the public these reptiles should help to rejuvenate the ecology here.


Green Lizard & Slow Worm

The rough areas around the course are receiving some management with an intermediate rough being cut and collected. Collecting grass as we cut stops nutrients returning to the soil. This promotes finer more natural links grasses which improve play from these rough areas.


Intermediate Rough Cut & Collect


The full Ecology report will be posted on the members part of the club website in due course.

The One Show  are planning  to do a piece on Jersey’s Green Lizards and Slow Worms some time in July. They got in touch a few weeks ago

last week the One Show came to the club , they are doing a piece on Green lizards and slow worms which are found on the course and they also wanted to interview me about the Hibernacula we built at the 4th Tee for slow worms and lizards and how we manage the gorse and grass lands on the course to benefit the wildlife and ecology of the course. The interview should be shown some time in June or July on a live program from Jersey, i’ll keep you updated as to when it’s on!.








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