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Greens Surfaces

Posted by on May 17, 2015 in Fairways, Greens

I spotted this picture on a industry media page which I thought was really interesting. The picture shows the footprints of one foursome playing the hole like normal. For me it really showed the demands we place on our greens and how important it is to keep good maintenance practice in place to keep the surfaces in optimum condition.

We have come into the spring in good shape, but its been a hard spring with fluctuating temperatures creating inconsistent growth. This seems to be behind us now and the summer seems to be on its way even though it’s been a little wet at times. Strong growth can be seen on all surfaces around the course. The area which is getting the most attention in the last couple of weeks is the rough. We’ve been on a continuous cycle of cutting to keep the course playable for all. Last week I increased the size of the intermediate rough and put in bale out areas in landing zones. At the moment the fairways are receptive to a well hit shot, holding the ball and rewarding safe play. This is down to the moisture levels on the fairways being fairly high after recent rainfall. But stray too far left or right, the deep rough is extremely penal.

While the rough is so penal at the moment and until it starts to burn off and thin out naturally  it is my intention to keep the landing areas on the receptive side with irrigation water.  As I’m sure you will agree there is nothing more disappointing than hitting a good shot down the middle of the fairway only to see it bounce off into the deep rough never to be seen again!.



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