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Spring Maintenance / Irrigation Update

Posted by on March 16, 2014 in Bunkers, Irrigation, Winter Program

Spring Over Seeding

Over seeding: Commences this week. This maintenance will encourage the finer grasses to flourish and become dominate.The surfaces will take a couple of weeks to get back to normal however the warmer weather will help their recovery. The benefit of this work will be better playing surfaces for the rest of the season.  Spring fertiliser will also be applied this week, so as temperatures increase, the seed and turf will have all the nutrients it needs to develop a strong sward for the rest of the season.

Irrigation: the irrigation project is coming to an end and we should see equipment being removed from site this week. There is still a great deal of setting up to do but this should not interfere with play. We will start to repair the area around Fort Henry and any other damage caused by the install. As a whole though I think the install has been a great success with little damage to the course. Thank you for your patience and understanding while this important work was carried out.

Winter Program: The 18th bunker and mounding is now finished and should be in play by the 1st week of April.


18th Before


18th After


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