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Spring Maintenance

Posted by on April 17, 2013 in Ecology, Greens, Machinery

At last we have seen some warmer weather over the last couple of weeks allowing important spring maintenance work to be carried out. The Greens have started to improve with the surfaces starting to grow back in after the over seeding and signs of germination can be seen. A light top dressing was applied to remove some of the unevenness left over from the over seeding and the surfaces are now becoming true again. The height of cut will now start to drop to summer levels over the next month adding more pace to the putting surfaces.

Last week we managed to flail a number of areas of rough, these areas were of predominately thick bladed species of grasses. The new machine flails and collects all the material it cuts. Collecting the cuttings is an important part of improving rough areas, by doing so it breaks the nutrients cycle. Taking away the nutrients in the form of grass clippings changes the fertility of the soil allowing finer indigenous grasses to become established. This is not only good for the golfer creating finer rough but also provides an important habitat and food source for many small animals.

The new flail can also be set up for scarifying and collecting. We managed to start tackling some weaker areas such as the 14,18,17, carries. We started by first scarifying and collecting all the thatch which prevents seed establishment. The scarifier also cuts lines into the ground as it removes the thatch. This 10mm deep cut line is perfect for seed establishment. We then spread seed on the area which will start to establish itself in around 14 days improving these areas.

This machine is also a massive labour saver, if we just took the 14th carrie this would have normally taken four team members a full day to complete. With this new equipment this was done in 4 hours with 2 team members.

20130417-074321 PM.jpg

New Flail / Scarifying Machine


The irrigation system was made live last week after the winter upgrade, unfortunately 3 days after, the system had a burst on the 6th carrie. This is part of the old PVC system.

This meant  the system had to be shut down so that repairs could take place. It was made live again a day later but took a total of a day and half of labour.

Once the system was live we developed an electrical fault and an engineer had to be flown over from the mainland with special fault finding equipment. The fault turned out to be old cable which had broken down and gone to earth. This again took my self and an engineer a day to find the fault and repair.


20130417-091118 PM.jpg

Leak 6th Carrie

This week with the dryer weather we have been working on the path at the 15th, this work should be completed by the end of next week. The path to the right of the green is complete and I’m really happy with the finished look.




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