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Winter Maintenance

Posted by on March 19, 2015 in Bunkers, Ecology, Fairways, Greens, Paths, Tees, Winter Program

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen some changeable temperatures in the weather. Feeling like spring has finally arrived to the very next day putting back on winter clothing! This has created very little  growth on the playing surfaces.

Greens: Last week spring over seeding took place and the team worked hard and completed all greens within 3 days. As temperatures rise the seed will start to germinate and the surfaces will start to fill back in and recover from this maintenance. A fertiliser has also been applied to the greens to give the emerging seedlings a helping hand to establishing.

Tees: Turf has been laid on the mens 13th and ladies 9th. I’m hoping to have these areas ready for competition play by the start of April weather dependent. All tees will receive an overseeding in the coming month as soil temperatures increase to help any worn areas recover from winter play.

Fairways: With some dryer weather at last we are able to begin fairway aeration. This work  will take around 3 to 4 weeks to complete, however at times of heavy play we may shorten holes to a par 3 so that the maintenance can be completed in a timely fashion. Holes 18,17,14,13,10 and 11 have been completed this week.


Fairway Aeration (Kevin Farrell)

Bunkers: We have started renovating all the green side bunkers, edging the faces and adding new bunker sand. It’s been a real team effort to complete this work as it’s very labour intensive to prepare the bunkers and to then shape the new sand.  Holes 18,17,10,11,12,8 and 1st are now completed. The new sand will take time to settle down, but already I’ve had many favourable comments about the playability of the new sand.

Preparing bunkers for New Sand (Robert Brown)

New Bunker Sand

New Bunker Sand

















Pathways: Over the last couple of months we have experienced a lot of heavy down pours, washing out many of the pathways. Our long term plan is to rebuild pathways with much stronger materials to prevent wash to from heavy rain.  We have started this work over the last 3  years, completing paths on 4, 6, 7, 15, 8 which have stood up to the heavy rain. We intend to carry on this week as we have started renewing the pathway from the 12th green around to the 13th.


Path Renovation 12th to 13th

Gorse: We have been working along side the Ladies 17th tee to remove gorse and bramble which was obscuring the view of the 18th tee from the 17th. This will make it easier for the men to see when it’s clear to play.

To the left of  15th hole we have been removing a great deal of saplings that have self seeded and started to take over the coppice of gorse. This work will help the gorse recover in this area.


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