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Winter Program

Posted by on December 22, 2015 in Bunkers, Greens, Paths, Winter Program

The winter program is progressing well although we had quite a few delays on turf  arriving from the UK owing to either bad weather or sailings from the uk being cancelled (imagine that!). The team has worked hard to keep projects on schedule and this year’s winter program is almost complete with just a small amount outstanding.

Completed projects:

: 9th Tee and 9th fairway mounding

: 10th Tee

: 11th Greenside R/H Bunker

: 17th Greenside Bunkers

: 12th Greenside Bunker

: 3rd New approach Bunker

: Gorse & Tree Management 10th/ 13th /3rd and 12th

3rd Approach Bunker

Outstanding works:

:Ladies 13th tee to be leveled & turfed.

:9th Pathway, concrete screed to finish.

:12th Fairway Bunkers, rebuild.

:15th small pockets of Gorse management

Winter maintenance will also start in the new year with all playing surfaces receiving deep aeration. This is to keep surfaces as dry as possible throughout the winter months, which will help to keep the course open. So that this important work can be carried out in a timely fashion and safely, we will closing or shortening holes. We hope to keep disturbance to play to a minimum.

Fresh bunker sand has arrived for the fairway bunkers. Starting at the end of January bunkers will receive fresh sand bringing consistency across the course. The green side bunkers will also receive a top up after a busy year, some of the well used bunker levels have fallen considerably.


The greens are still recovering from the disease outbreak a month ago, unfortunately this is not a quick fix and some of the scarring will only be removed with  overseeding in spring. Regular topdressing is taking place to keep the surfaces as smooth as possible and help fill in the depression left by the scaring. With the milder weather, small amounts of feed have been applied to help the scarring grow back in but the mild wet weather also encourages more disease so daily inspections of all greens are taking place to ensure no more damage is caused and any outbreaks are managed as promptly as possible.

As we come to the end of 2015 I would just like to say a big thank you to all the members and management committee for their continued support and  also to thank my team who have worked especially hard this year.


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