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Winter Program & Irrigation Update 4

Posted by on January 13, 2014 in Ecology, Irrigation, Paths, Winter Program

Cirl Update

Cirl Update(Taken by Michael Dryden)

Happy New Year from the Greenkeeping team.

The year begins with the Irrigation Team back on site and with the Irrigation shed Construction team also on site it’s a very busy start to the new year.

I’m pleased to report a male and female Cirl Bunting were spotted on Saturday morning below the 8th Tee looking fit and healthy which is a good sign that they might nest in the spring.

Irrigation: MJ Abbott have completed main line and fairways  6,7 and are now moving on to the 9th which will be closed for Monday and Tuesday. Please see the rangers and pro shop for more updates. Onces these holes are completed  flushing will take place and this will see the completion of the front 9. The team will finish this Friday and will return Monday 20th January. In the next shift, work will begin on the 10th, 11th and 12th holes.

Greens Aeration

Greens Aeration

Irrigation Shed: construction will start to go up this week and should be completed by the end of the week. This work is being carried out by W.M. STAITE. LTD.

Greens: Deep aeration of the greens was carried out last week. With the new fairway aeration machine we were able to set the machine up so that it could also carry out work on the greens. This enabled us to go down to 16 inches, in the past the maximum depth has been 12inches. Being able to go down much deeper will keep water moving away from the surface much quicker and it also helps with the recovery time after heavy downpours leaving drier surfaces to play on. This also will encourage deeper rooting of the finer grasses such as fescue which can have a root depth of 16 inches. In the picture to the left you can see the normal tine which we would normally use in summer. Next to it is the new 16 inch tine. To correct any surface disturbance left by the aeration work a top dress will be applied this week.

6th Carrie & Path

6th Carrie & Path

Winter Program: We have now finished shaping up the 6th carrie, this  improves visibility off the tee and makes it easier for the juniors and ladies to make it over this area. The pathway has been redirected to speed up play and will make it safer for golfers walking up the 6th hole. The area will now be seeded and left to grow back. Once the turf is established the fairway will be mowed back into the new carrie.

This week our team will be installing irrigation into the new 4th Tees and the ladies tee. Turf will arrive the week of the 27th January for the new tee surface.

You may have also seen patches which have been cut out and left. These areas are heavily worn and have been prepared in readiness for turf being delivered at the end of the month.


Repair areas

Repair areas


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