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Winter program update

Posted by on October 31, 2015 in Greens, Irrigation, Tees, Winter Program

Leveling 9th Tee (Kevin Farrell)

galvanized steel manifold value

New over-seeding equipment

Fescue Germination

Winter Program: We’ve been making good progress with the winter program. Our main focus this month has been the 9th tee. The new tee will provide good variation in course setup allowing for low handicap events and bad weather conditions so that teeing position can be moved forward. It also moves the tee away from the 6th Tee and 5th green.

To reduce settlement the tee was constructed in layers until the soil reached the desired level. Constructing in layers removes air from the substructure and decreases the amount of settlement. The surface was then leveled this week in readiness for turf next week which will see the 9th tee project complete.

Irrigation 9th Tee: 8 heads in total have been fitted covering the teeing surface and walk on area to the front.  A new isolation valve for the lady’s  and men’s tee was also installed.  The galvanized steel manifold value was made in house, something we would normally buy in already made up as it’s a high pressured component. A first for the team. No leaks so far!!.

The surrounding area was raked and seeded. Marram Grass (Ammophila) and Gorse (Ulex europaeus) will be planted next week on the Tee banks.

9th Fairway: The area has been roughly shaped up and next week a final shape up will take place in readiness for turfing.

11th Front Right Bunker: Construction is complete with just the top edge to turf and some fresh sand needed.

17th Green Side Bunkers: Construction is completed, again just the top edge to turf and some fresh sand to finish off.

Over the coming weeks we will be starting work on the 10th tee realignment and fitting new irrigation to the tee in preparation for turf arriving at the beginning of December.

On Course maintenance:  once again we are seeing unseasonal high temperatures for this time of year. This brings some challenges as the grass keeps growing therefore work on winter projects is slowed as most of the team is still needed to keep the course cut up. The risk of disease is heightened due to the mild conditions, especially on the greens and can be severe as the damage will not grow out if the weather turns cold leaving scaring up until spring. But on the positive we are seeing good germination after the overseeding a few weeks ago which was carried out with our new greens over-seeding equipment.


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