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Winter Program

Posted by on October 6, 2015 in Bunkers, Ecology, Tees, Winter Program

This week we see the start of the winter program. Works have begun on the 9th men’s tee. The main purpose of this is to realign the position of the Tee pulling it away from the 6th tee and 5th green. The works include the removal of the existing tee area, the area is then to be landscaped and  returned to a natural dune habitat. Planting of marram grass, gorse and the construction of a hibernacula for lizards and slow worms will see this area become a strong ecological habitat.

Ground Works 9th Tee (Enviormental Garden Services)

Once the ground works are completed at the tee, phase 2 will be moving on to the landing area, pushing the mound on the right closer to the path adding some protection to the path, opening up the landing area and giving better line of sight into the landing zone.


Bunkers: Turf reclaimed from the 9th tee before construction started has also enabled us to reconstruct the front right bunker on the 11th green this week. We will now be moving on to the 17th greenside bunkers which will be reconstructed in the coming weeks.

11th Bunker Reconstruction (Allan Black, Kevin Farell, Robert Brown)

This month we have been removing the old signage around the course and replacing it with new course signs. The old signs had faded and become hard to read.

New Course Signage

A new gate has also been installed to the track to Fort Henry, after the old one was vandalised. Fort Henry itself has had new entrance gates as well as the old ones had become rotten.


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